HD Wireless Microphone Systems

Name English English
Executive Elite/Executive HD/HD - DECT Monitor Set-up and User Guide [559KB]
HD Single/Dual - Base Unit Instruction Guide [8.7MB]
HD Single/Dual - Microphone Instruction Guide [166KB]
HD Single/Dual - User and Set-up Guide [1MB]
HD Single/Dual/Venue Firmware Upgrade Process Version 2.6.33 [115KB]
HD Venue - Base Unit Instruction Guide [930KB]
HD Venue - Microphone Instruction Guide [487KB]
HD Venue - User Guide [1.4MB]
Name English English
Case Study - HD - Queensland University of Technology [471KB]
HD - CAD Drawing [80KB]
HD Single/Dual - DataSheet [757KB]
HD Venue - Datasheet [578KB]