Amp Editor

Intuitive, plug and play amp management software

Amp Editor is a dedicated software application for Yamaha amplifiers that makes amplifier management easy. Remotely control and monitor amplifiers simply by connecting your TXn amplifiers or ACD1 to an Ethernet port on a computer via a standard high-speed Ethernet switch. Connection to the Amp Editor network requires no special drivers so that your system is up and running in no time. All TXn amplifier functions and DSP parameters can be controlled using Amp Editor.

Using Amp Editor will give users much more real time information about the conditions of the amplifiers than previously possible. The software can, for example, warn you when a parameter exceeds a predefined voltage, wattage, or impedance (upper/lower) value. By monitoring these parameters, you are also notified instantly if a problem is detected in the input or output signal chain, for example a blown speaker driver on an amplifier channel. Amp Editor will keep logs of these warnings into a file so it's easy to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems.

Name English English
Amp Editor Installation Guide [201KB]
Amp Editor Owner's Manual [4.8MB]
TX6n/TX5n/TX4n Owner's Manual [2.3MB]
XMV4280/XMV4140/XMV4280-D/XMV4140-D Owner's Manual [2.5MB]
XMV8280/XMV8140/XMV8280-D/XMV8140-D Owner's Manual [2.5MB]
Name OS Size Last Update
Amp Editor V1.4.1 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win 60.3MB 2018-03-29

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