PC-D / DI Series

Powerful Matrix Functionality and Dante I/O provides Superior Flexibility

The impressive 20 x 8 input matrix capability of PC-D / DI Series amplifiers combines with Dante I/O to provide dramatic improvements to the versatility of any system. The PC-D / DI Series can be used as a supplementary matrix to expand the overall system matrix, and even in systems without mixers or additional DSP, allows direct sound input from other analog devices or Dante-equipped gear to offer more flexible routing capabilities. The onboard Dante inputs and outputs also allow redundant connections for handling 16 input/16 output audio at up to 96 kHz with low latency, while combining the PC-D / DI Series with remote software such as ProVisionaire Control provides even more flexibility and intuitive control.

Using matrix applications for flexible routing

Sound from an analog mixer is input into a PC412-D, in addition to sound output from a digital mixer. Input matrix functionality can be used to output the combined sound to speakers or other Dante devices.

Constructing a mixer-less system

Sound is fed from Dante inputs on two devices to a PC412-DI. Input matrix functionality is used to direct the combined sound to speakers. Additionally, Dante Out can be used to send sound with adjusted EQ to other amlifiers.

Power you can count on

Power you can count on

The PC-D / DI Series feature highly efficient Class-D amplifiers that deliver supreme sound quality with outstanding precision and stability even when driving high-load. There are 600 W and 1200 W versions of both the “D” touring models and the “DI” installation models, each with connectivity best suited to their respective applications. The DI models handle high-impedance connections with ease, allowing the construction of systems consisting of numerous speakers. All models come with detachable handles and replaceable filters.

Packed with processing power

Featuring powerful onboard speaker processors as standard, PC-D / DI Series amplifiers offer processing such as 16-band PEQ, delay, peak limiting, and RMS limiting, as well as FIR filter** that achieve linear phase, allowing users to tune speakers perfectly with precision and ease. Dante outputs can be used to transmit further parameter adjustments of Room EQ to other amps, allowing EQ for multiple amp channels to be adjusted centrally. The speaker preset library is well-stocked with optimized presets for the Yamaha CZR Series and others, making it effortless to achieve the perfect speaker tuning for your system.

Packed with processing power

* Can be configured only by recalling Speaker Preset data

** Available in future firmware release

ProVisionaire Amp Editor

Front panel

The ProVisionaire Series… from start to finish

The PC-D Series allows detailed designs to be created using two types of ProVisionaire.

ProVisionaire Design is a comprehensive Windows software application that allows intuitive sound design when using compatible Yamaha products. It is perfect for designing systems that utilize Yamaha products including the PC-D Series, DME/MRX processors and Rio/Tio interfaces, and ADECIA solutions. ProVisionaire Design can also be combined with the ProVisionaire Control computer application, allowing integrated control of all aspects of a project, from system design and configuration to everyday operation and management.