Create and Control Any Space You Can Imagine

Space is as much a part of the sonic experience as sound itself. Create any acoustic environment you can imagine and control sound with the Yamaha AFC (Active Field Control). The detailed, dimensional regenerative electronic reverberation control capabilities of AFC Enhance can be used to create acoustic spaces in which acoustic images are positioned and controlled by AFC Image. More than just the sum of its parts, AFC provides comprehensive support for everything from content production to playback. Content originally created in studios can be easily “space converted” to recreate playback matched to the venue and its live sound system speaker layout. Working with NEXO NS-1 system configuration software and a range of outboard equipment such as mixers, stacking systems, and show controllers, this technology can faithfully deliver the creator’s content and intent in a wide range of environments.

Reverberation Control

  • Reverberation Control (AFC Enhance)

AFC Enhance

AFC Enhance uses multiple microphones and speakers to flexibly control the ambience of a space while making use of the environment’s distinctive architectural ambience.

Sound Image Control

  • Sound Image Control (AFC Image)

AFC Image

AFC Image allows users to control the perceived positions of sound within a space. AFC Image supports the control of up to 128 object-based channels of immersive sound.

Acoustic Design Expertise

Acoustic Design Expertise

Yamaha has been involved in acoustic research aimed at finding an ideal relationship between performer, audience, and space ever since 1969. A deep understanding of acoustic technology that encompasses structural acoustics, electronic acoustics, and noise control provides the basis for technology that allows us to turn an acoustically dead environment into a reverberant cavern or cathedral at the touch of a button, and easily move sound effects to any position in an acoustic space.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and Scalability

Every customer has different needs, so the ability to create systems that can adapt to any application is essential. That flexibility is partly dependent on an architecture that allows easy integration of DAWs, mixers, tracking systems, and other third-part hardware and software. Comprehensive functionality is also vital, and in the AFC comes in the form of versatile ambience control, precise acoustic image control, 3D reverberation that generates ambience matched to the object’s location, space conversion that can easily import standard sound content into an immersive space, two-channel binaural output that makes the immersive experience available via headphones, and more.

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

A wide spectrum of know-how and experience forms the backbone of AFC. Its continued development and growth hinges on high-level input and support from Yamaha group experts from Yamaha, Steinberg, and NEXO. The Yamaha group alliance enables close collaboration between experts from a variety of related fields, driving innovation and development that keep AFC and other technologies way ahead of the curve.

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