XMV Series Power Amplifiers

Name OS Size Last Update
Amp Editor V1.4.0-2 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win 59.8MB 2017-10-23
MTX-MRX Editor V3.1.1 for Win10/8.1/7 and firmware V3.11 Win 205.5MB 2017-10-10

Commercial Installation Solutions

Name English English
ProVisionaire Touch Setup Guide [2.2MB]
Amp Editor Installation Guide [201KB]
Amp Editor Owner's Manual [3MB]
Attaching the Ferrite Cores (XMV8280/XMV8140/XMV8280-D/XMV8140-D) [157KB]
Dante Controller V3.5.x User Guide [2.1MB]
MTX/MRX system Firmware Update Guide [248KB]
XMV8280/XMV8140/XMV8280-D/XMV8140-D Owner's Manual [2.5MB]
Name English English
MTX3, MTX5-D, MRX7-D, XMV Series, EXi8, EXo8 Remote Control Protocol Specifications V2.2.0 [1.8MB]