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Advanced Lightweight Hardware set is the result of R&D with artists and designers examining the absolute lightest a hardware stand can be while maintaining the durability and strength drummers have come to expect from Yamaha Hardware. Listening closely to professional and users, Yamaha has made the ultimate contribution in the category of lightweight hardware for the gigging drummer that has to move their gear every day.


Solid, stable drum hardware that’s remarkably lightweight and portable.


All stand legs in this set feature exceptionally stable double-braced construction. The hardware itself may be lightweight, but with a chain-type foot pedal and other solid features this hardware will stand up to heavy rock drumming.


Pro players demand flawless reliability, and here it is in one complete hardware package.The 700 series offers streamlined design and outstanding stability in lightweight single-braced hardware.


Here’s the solid reliability that the pros play in one complete hardware package.Double-braced 800 series legs offer unmatched stability for any musical genre.

Foot Pedals

FP9 Series

Smooth, Speed, Reliability

FP9500 Series

FP8500 Series


Single Foot Pedal with Single Chain Drive.

Beater Options

Yamaha Original Beater

Drum Stools


Yamaha hardware stools

Stool Options

Hi-Hat Stands



Yamaha's new flagship hi-hat stand that realizes highest possible freedom during your performance.

Hi-Hat Stands

Yamaha professional Hi Hat stands


Hi-Hat Stand Options

Cymbal Stands

Cymbal Stands

Yamaha Hi-Quality Cymbal stands Stands. Boom Stands, Strait Stands, Cymbal Hold


Cymbal Stand Options

Snare Stands

Snare Stands

Yamaha Ball mount Snare Stands

Tom Holders

Tom Holders

The set angle of Yamaha's original ball mount and clamp can be adjusted over a full range of motion with 3 hole

Double Tom Stands

Double Tom Stands

Yamaha Tom Holder with double-braced legs