Yamaha Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education system consists of a 10 year structured curriculum aimed at pre-school and school aged children. The music education system focuses on children expressing their creativity through performance and composition.

Pre-school age children undergo a period of rapid development in acquiring their aural skills. They can easily memorize whatever sounds and words they hear for the first time. Therefore, if they are exposed to a variety of music by listening, singing and playing at this critical point in their lives, they will acquire a fundamental sense of music that is both solid and balanced.

The curriculum of the Yamaha Music Education System is based on a holistic musical training approach with the special focus to emphasize the creativity of each child through performance and composition.

Enhancing and developing creative abilities to improvise and compose music is a fundamental part of the Yamaha's teaching philosophy. Out of first self-developed motifs and melodies children learn to transfer these components creating more complex compositions during their lessons. To enable those children studying at Yamaha Music Schools to present their own compositions to a wide range of audiences, the Yamaha Music Foundation launched the Concert Series "Junior Original Concert" back in 1972. The "Junior Original Concert" are held both at the local level as nationwide.

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