Chris Johnson

"Be ready!" Yamaha Drum Artist Chris Johnson



Chris Johnson Chris Johnson was one of the last 70’s babies born in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in his fathers church in South Central where he found his love for music. Drums came the easiest for him and so clinging to it he was able to play only in church at a young age. Marching band, Jazz Band, and other school clubs were also a aid in the development of his craft.

Chris is now working, playing, and touring with Motown Legend Stevie Wonder and Pop star Icon Rihanna.

He has also played and toured with Seal, Patti LaBelle, Mya, Heather Headley, Anastacia, and could be seen playing at his home church in LA when home off the road.

Chris plays Yamaha Live Custom Drums, that give him punch and defined low-end sound that help him cut through on the big stages and arenas, performing on 2 of the biggest gigs out there.

NSD 1470 Discontinued

Size : 14"x7"

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available