AVENTAGE 2+1 Extended Guarantee

Yamaha is offering to our end-users an extended guarantee on our High Grade AV Receiver series AVENTAGE.

This extended guarantee is available on all AV Receivers from within the AVENTAGE range.

Please register your AVENTAGE AV Receiver here, and your purchase will qualify for an extended guarantee from 2 to 3 years. The registration process can be done up to 6 months after purchase. The warranty extension is only valid if the original purchase receipt is handed in together with the warranty extension certificate.

Warranty extension campaign is available for

CX-A5000, MX-A5000

RX-A660, RX-A860, RX-A1060, RX-A2060, RX-A3060


RX-AS710D, RX-A670, RX-A870, RX-A1070, RX-A2070, RX-A3070

CX-A5200, MX-A5200

RX-A680, RX-A780, RX-A880, RX-A1080, RX-A2080, RX-A3080