Sound Noise: YRS-700/YRS-1100/YRS-2100/YSP-2200

Model: YRS-700/YRS-1100/YRS-2100/YSP-2200

Analysis of our quality assurance in Japan has revealed severe sound noise which appears after power on with certain manual settings in My Surround mode (YRS-1100/ YRS-2100 / YSP-2200) and Surround mode (YRS-700).


How to find the model name


As a risk precaution, please follow these instructions to confirm your firmware version:

  • 1. Press “POWER” key to turn this unit to standby mode.
  • 2. While holding down “INPUT” key, press “POWER” key to turn on the power.
  • 3. Release “INPUT” key when “ADVANCED SETUP” is displayed.
  • 4. After “TURN ON VOLUME” is displayed, press and hold “INPUT” key until the firmware version is displayed.
  • 5. Confirm whether your firmware version is in the table below.
    Press "POWER" key to turn this unit to standby mode after you have confirmed your firmware version.


How to find Power and Input buttons


If your firmware version is

Model Firmware Version
YRS-700 4.02.02 or 5.02.02
YRS-1100/YRS-2100 4.03.02 or 5.03.03
YSP-2200 4.03.03 or 5.03.03

Please contact us:

Tel: +49 (0)4101 303 344

Or the dealer that you purchased it from before using the product again.