Internet Radio Station Access Issues

Currently, Yamaha products with internet radio streaming capabilities provided by vTuner are having difficulties with accessing the streaming service. Here are the current details that Yamaha has recognized so far:

- A customer may see a message saying, "See for more info about vTuner's full access." on user interfaces of Yamaha products or even may hear it through audio playback. This links to a message that states, "to be able to receive full access to vTuner's service, we [vTuner] would like to ask you for a small contribution of $3 a year. All contributions will be used solely to support the vTuner service."

The message provided on screen or via audio is delivered by vTuner, and Yamaha does not endorse the performance of the paid service offered by the vendor.

Yamaha supports many streaming services. Each one of the services may change its business model at any time, which is independent of Yamaha and outside our area of control.

As announced in March 2019, the free internet radio service supported on Yamaha products has been switched from vTuner to via a firmware update on select models to ensure access to free internet radio stations.

* Please note: once this firmware is applied, all vTuner bookmarks and added stations will become inaccessible from your Yamaha products.

Some models are incompatible with the available Airable firmware update that could provide a direct replacement for the vTuner internet radio station access to ensure future connectivity. Internet radio station access is subject to the availability and functionality of the original internet radio service provider, vTuner, for the following models:


CD-N301, CD-N500, CRX-N560, CX-A5000, HTR-4065, HTR-4066, HTR-4067, HTR-5066, HTR-5067, HTR-6064, HTR-6065, HTR-6067, HTR-7065, HTR-8063, HTR-9063, MCX-A300, MCX-P200, MCX-RC100, MCR-755, MCR-750, NP-S2000, R-N301, R-N500, RX-A1000, RX-A1010, RX-A1020, RX-A1030, RX-A1040, RX-A2000, RX-A2010, RX-A2020, RX-A2030, RX-A2040, RX-A3000, RX-A3010, RX-A3020, RX-A3030, RX-A3040, RX-A710, RX-A720, RX-A730, RX-A740, RX-A810, RX-A820, RX-A830, RX-A840, RX-S600, RX-S600D, RX-V1067, RX-V1071, RX-V1073, RX-V1075, RX-V1077, RX-V2065, RX-V2067, RX-V2071, RX-V2073, RX-V2075, RX-V2077, RX-V3067, RX-V3071, RX-V3073, RX-V3075, RX-V3077, RX-V3900, RX-V473, RX-V475, RX-V477, RX-V500D, RX-V573, RX-V575, RX-V577, RX-V671, RX-V673, RX-V675, RX-V677, RX-V771, RX-V773, RX-V775, RX-V777, RX-V867, RX-V871, RX-Z7, TSR-6750, YMC-700