Pro & Custom Trumpets



From classical to big band, jazz and funk, Yamaha trumpets are the choice of leading professional players the world over. Yamaha trumpets are developed by experienced craftspeople in close collaboration with artists from a range of musical genres. Yamaha trumpets have a global reputation for quality that combines a dynamic, responsive sound with fast, precision playability. Yamaha doesn’t just design great trumpets, it also has world-class manufacturing facilities and exacting testing and quality procedures. This ensures that every instrument meets the same demanding standards, ready to inspire its player to ever-greater performances and to take soloing to new heights.



Xeno Artist

Encompassing C and B♭ models, Xeno Artist trumpets have been developed in close collaboration with trumpet players from leading orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, and the Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia Symphony Orchestras. Particularly suited to symphonic music, players of all musical genres will discover complete creative freedom in a range of instruments of unprecedented balance, sound and feel.


With a range of B♭ and C models available, Yamaha Xeno trumpets deliver the optimal blend of outstanding power and projection with refined resistance and response, providing players with a world-class instrument capable of inspiring great performances in a wide range of musical genres. A familiar sight on concert stages and in recording studios, Xeno trumpets are characterised by a powerful, solid tone, combined with a quick and agile playing response.


What happens when Yamaha brass specialists sit down with some of the world's greatest jazz trumpet players with the singular vision of creating an instrument that's perfect for them? Now fans of the music of Bobby Shew, Wayne Bergeron and Eric Miyashiro can own and play the very same instruments these legends helped to create. The trumpets that voice some of the great solos of our time.


Drawing on design features of the flagship Xeno models, Yamaha Professional trumpets are the perfect instruments to accompany advanced players along their musical journeys and inspire them to tackle ever more ambitious repertoire. With trademark Yamaha tonal power, playability and response always in evidence, the Professional range includes a number of medium and large bore B♭ models in lacquered and silver finishes.


Innovation meets tradition in a comprehensive range of special-keyed trumpets encompassing E♭ E/E♭ and E♭/D models along with B♭ and A piccolo trumpets, ensuring Yamaha professional standards of tone and response for players of a wide range of repertoire, including Haydn, Handel and Bach.


Yamaha Flugelhorns combine the rich tone and depth of character typical of traditional instruments with the easy playability and superb intonation made possible by innovative design and high-tech engineering. A comprehensive range includes lacquered and silver finishes, and larger bore models that help ease the transition from trumpet to flugelhorn.


Only by working in collaboration with leading trumpet players can Yamaha realise its vision of designing truly word-class instruments. We’re lucky that Yamaha artists are happy to share their experiences and talents in a series of videos. Designed to entertain, educate and inform, they’re a great introduction into the world of Yamaha professional trumpets and the extraordinary musicians that play them.

Beyond the score | David Bilger

The sound of Hollywood | Wayne Bergeron

Eric Miyashiro

Bring performances to life | Omar Tomasoni

The Legend Continues | Bobby Shew

Bring performances to life | Guillaume Couloumy