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Go to the form, fill it out and find the remote lesson that is most suitable for your passion.


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Yamaha Music School will contact you as soon as your preferences are identified – to ensure the best experience for you.


start your JOurney

You are ready to start your remote lesson. We make sure your teacher is available.


If anything...make it personal

Learn with teachers you can trust and who support your passions and boost your individual strenghts.

Pleasure turns activity into passion

Learn how to play in a fun way with focus on self-expression and your creativity.

Learn from the best

Enjoy remote lessons conducted by trusted Yamaha Music School experts with a lot of experience and dedication.




Welcome to the world of yamaha music school

"My only ambition is to
grow as a musician."

Jamie Cullum, Singer-Songwriter and Multiinstrumentalist

"Music is my life. It defines the rhythm my heart beats."

Emma Hansen, 13 Years old. Learns keyboard and piano at the Yamaha Music School

"Playing the piano is very easy - you just have to press the right key and release it on time!"

Peter Baartmanns, Dutch Pianist and Keyboardist

"Music is the universal language. Once you master it there are no more boundaries."

Patrick Onrust, educational director at the Yamaha Music School and pianist


Why do we want to play Music?

Because it’s beautiful, because it’s passion, because it’s a way to communicate, because it gets you in touch with your emotions, because it gives you a way to challenge and satisfies yourself, because it connects you with others, whatever your reason is, go for it and unlock your talents of great performances. Instrumental tuition is carried out making you ready to enjoy music together in ensemble, to improvise, to read notation, accompaniment skills through comprehensive coaching. Providing practical approaches and learning music, a comprehensive curriculum will cover all musical aspects for you to play. Start on the right track using our courses which enhance your musical creativity.

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