Make Yourself Heard.

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Make yourself heard

Learning an instrument opens the door to a whole universe of possibilities.

It lets you share your inner feelings, your frustrations, your happiness, and inspires you to go further than you’ve ever been before.

With an instrument, you make music that can touch people in ways that you never could before. You can connect with people on a new level and you can change people’s lives forever.

The world can often seem a very noisy place, but with music, you can make a difference. So why wait?

Make Yourself Heard. Make Waves.

Digital Piano P‑125
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“Making music allows me to completely be myself. I love it.”

The YAMAHA P-125
Make friends – Make yourself heard – Make waves.
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Guitar CSF
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“If words are not enough, I just say it with music.”

The YAMAHA CSF guitar
Make a first step – Make yourself heard – Make waves.
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Drumkit Rydeen
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“The best way to turn my energy into something beautiful.”

The YAMAHA RYDEEN drum-kit
Make a point – Make yourself heard – Make waves.
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Yamaha offers a wide range of high-quality musical instruments. Whether you are beginning to play or have experience already, there will always be the right Yamaha instrument for everyone.




Yamaha Silent Piano™ technology offers unique possibilities for pianists of all levels. First and foremost, an acoustic piano, it features an authentic sound with the added possiblity to play silently day and night.

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Digital Piano

Bringing the enjoyment of playing music into you life should be simple. With a Yamaha digital piano, you can count on a high-quality instrument with great sound quality.

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Even your first musical steps are a smash-hit with a Yamaha keyboard. Find out more about the learning possiblities that are on offer with an electronic keyboard.

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Make your thunder with the RYDEEN drum-kit. Exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play. Available in 6 colour variations and benefiting from a number other features, the RYDEEN is a great way to start.

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The connection you have with your guitar is unique and amazing. By starting with a Yamaha guitar you can develop your music, playing and creativity right from the start.

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Wind Instruments

Imagine the feeling of picking up a sax or a trumpet and playing anything you want, just how you like. How fantastic would that be? Find out about the benefits of learning with a Yamaha wind instrument.

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String instruments are a great way to start making music. Their versatility and expressive capabilities will let you spread your message in ways you never though possible.

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Where to buy

Yamaha have a network of specialist music shops throughout Europe. Yamaha dealers offer you the best possible advice to help you find your perfect instrument and offer you support after your purchase.

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Yamaha Music School


Music is at the heart of Yamaha. We don’t just manufacture instruments, we also help young people unlock their musical potential.

We have over 690 Yamaha Music Schools in Europe, providing innovative ways to learn any instrument – no matter the skill level.

From day one, it’s all about making music. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, your kids will experience the fun of progressing from lesson to lesson.

We guarantee a tailor-made learning programme. By teaching in small groups, we focus on the individual needs of each child.



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