Welcome to the #YamahaChallenge – a series of online musical conundrums devised by some of the world’s leading artists. Designed to inspire and expand the creativity of musicians at all levels of ability, it’s also a great opportunity to share your talents with a global audience.

Why not try it yourself? We’d love to see what you can do.

Jacob Collier

First up is the Contrary Motion 12 Key Modulation Challenge from 4 x Grammy Award-winning crossover jazz artist and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier. It’s a particularly fiendish musical composition teaser to which, in his own words, there is an arguably infinite myriad of solutions.

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Chick Corea

Looking to develop the composer within? Here’s the 7 Day Composition Challenge set by Chick Corea - 23-time Grammy winner and keyboard virtuoso. Chick Corea has attained living legend status after five decades of creativity and artistic output; and yet his advice is simple: “If you want to become a composer, you compose – and compose as much as possible”

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Francesco Tristano

Avant-garde pianist and electronic composer Francesco Tristano combines two of his fascinations, JS Bach and dance grooves in his #YamahaChallenge ‘BPM’ – Bach per Minute. "Although Bach is hundreds of years old, music has the ability to travel through space and time and be reappropriated" says Tristano

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So far, the response has been amazing with almost 1000 videos and counting posted with the hashtag #YamahaChallenge, all from musicians eager to share their own unique take on the challenge. Make sure to post your video using #YamahaChallenge and with a bit of luck your post will be featured in our gallery.

And remember to keep checking this web page or follow Yamaha Music on social media for news of new challenges.