V5.0: Enhanced Convenience and Expandability for CL/QL Consoles

July 26, 2018. Shizuoka, Japan. – Regular updates have kept the Yamaha CL and QL series digital mixing consoles moving forward, and now Version 5.0 elevates these industry standard consoles to the next level.

In addition to support for more Dante devices, the V5.0 update adds Individual Fade Time functionality that allows different fade times to be set for each fader, and a new Portico 5045 Primary Source Enhancer by Rupert Neve Designs for use in the Premium Rack. Individual Fade Time is an important feature for users who need complex fader control, especially for musicals and other theatrical applications. The Portico 5045 makes it easy to control background noise from microphone sources while enhancing clarity and increasing feedback margin. The Portico 5045 is a valuable tool for houses of worship, stadiums, performance halls, and any other venue where feedback must be carefully controlled.

Dante devices newly supported by V5.0 are as follows:

  • Rupert Neve Designs
    • RMP-D8 8-Channel Remote Control Dante Mic Pre
  • Sennheiser
    • EM6000 Digital Wireless Receiver
  • Shure
    • AD4D and AD4Q Axient Digital Wireless Receiver
  • Nexo
    • DTD Digital TD Controller

Future updates will provide support for other Dante devices listed in our June news release.

According to Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of the Yamaha pro audio division, “Continuing updates for the CL and QL series consoles have contributed to their adoption in a wide range of applications such as live music, corporate events, broadcast, theater, and more. The Version 5.0 update not only adds new functionality, but through close collaboration with third parties also provides connectivity with more Dante devices.”

Introducing Yamaha CL/QL Series Version 5.0

In addition to support for more Dante devices such as Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8, Sennheiser EM6000, Shure AD4D and AD4Q, and Nexo DTD Controller. This version 5.0 update adds Individual Fade Time functionality, and a new Portico 5045 by Rupert Neve Designs for use in the Premium Rack. Andy Cooper will discuss in more details.