KALIMA - International Marimba Academy 2017

The 4th edition of Kalima will take place in Lausanne, from Sept. 2nd till 8th 2017, at Lausanne’s Haute Ecole de Musique HEMU. The KALIMA-Keiko Abe Lausanne International Marimba Academy Association aims to organize every couple of years master-level classes and public concerts to encourage the artistic improvement of around fifteen young students selected across Europe and beyond.

The Academy offers private lessons & group workshops & public lectures by guest artists and Professors of the Academy. Keiko Abe welcomes you at KALIMA beside Brigitte Meyer (piano), Alain Maratrat (body conscience), Jean Geoffroy (marimba) and Tchiki duo (marimba duo).

The Keiko Abe Lausanne International Marimba Academy is hosted by Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne HEMU under the artistic direction of Tchiki duo following the philosophy of Keiko Abe.