10th European Junior Original Concert in Warsaw: An unforgettable event with talented young composers

Composers aged six to thirteen from nine European countries created a brilliant and amazing performance in the concert hall of Westin Warsaw on Saturday, February 11th. The audience was completely enthusiastic about the skills and creativity of the 14 young composers and their co-performers.

After the concert every student got a certificate at the traditional Farewell Party. Both parents and teachers were very proud of the young composers from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and UK. All participants are learning at Yamaha Music Schools and are students of the Yamaha Music Education system, which enables the children to create their own compositions and also improvisations.

The Junior Original Concert is an ultimate opportunity for Yamaha Music Schools, which enables children to freely express one’s own feelings through music. It is not a competition but a platform for children to share their own compositions with their audience, to broadcast and present their potential and to encourage each their musical growth and development.

The JOC activities keep a long record and started in 1972. Since then a great number of concerts have been held in many countries all over the world. After various concerts in major European metropoles, this year Warsaw has been chosen to host this important event.