Yamaha presents the multi-channel receivers of the RX-V83 series: Home cinema centrepieces with MusicCast, Dolby Vision, 4K-Ultra-HD, Dolby Atmos und DTS:X

With the RX-V83 series, Yamaha presents a new generation of multi-channel receivers for a great home cinema experience in modern living rooms. From the entry-level RX-V383 to the RX-V683: The RX-V83 series offers an extensive set of features that is unparalleled in their respective price ranges. Movies, music and video games become a breath-taking experience both visually and acoustically.

The new multi-channel receivers offer stunning 5.1 (RX-V383 / RX-V483) and 7.2 (RX-V583 / RX-V683) surround sound in the living room. Using the new audio standards Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, RX-V583 and RX-V683 can be set up as 5.2.2 systems to create vivid three-dimensional soundscapes in the home cinema. The RX-V83 series is compatible with both HDR and the new standard Dolby Vision, creating brilliant pictures with increased contrast and a greater range of vivid colours. In addition, the multi-channel receivers support 4K Ultra-HD for high-resolution entertainment.

Yamaha MusicCast makes the new multi-channel receivers RX-483, RX-V583 and RX-V683 the perfect entertainment centrepieces for the whole house: All connected sources are available in every room while each signal from the MusicCast network can be played back in the living room as well. The integrated Wi-Fi functionality can be used to stream your music library from Mac, PC or NAS. Apple Airplay and Bluetooth are also supported, as are all common streaming services. The multi-channel receivers are compatible with the hi-res audio formats FLAC and WAV (192 kHz / 24 bit), DSD (2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz) as well as Apple Lossless.

As an alternative to the intuitive remote control, all models from the RX-V483 upwards can be operated by smartphone or tablet using the AV Controller app for iOS and Android. The MusicCast app offers intuitive day-to-day control over the whole MusicCast system. The automatic sound optimisation YPAO (RX-V683: YPAO R.S.C) delivers the perfect acoustic configuration. Proprietary Yamaha technologies such as Cinema DSP 3D, Dialogue Lift, Dialogue Level Adjustment, Virtual Cinema Front, Extra Bass und Silent Cinema optimise the sound of all sources. The top-of-the-range model RX-V683 also features a phono input, letting you enjoy your precious vinyl records in the living room – or, using MusicCast, in every room of your house.

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