Yamaha & Prof. Artis Simanis, Saxophone

Professor Artis Simanis is an internationally renowned educationalist and performing musician. He is leader of the Riga Saxophone Quartet, leader of the international saxophone festival Saxophonia, and Professor at the Jāzeps Vîtols Latvian Academy of Music.

Here Professor Simanis explains his relationship with Yamaha and how it has helped his work and student development:

“I have enjoyed a very fruitful relationship with Yamaha since 2006 when I became Rector of the Jãzeps Vîtols Latvian Academy. Central to our partnership, of course, is the high quality and reliability of Yamaha instruments. In 2011 we added to our already large inventory of Yamaha instruments with the acquisition of a range of eighteen pianos. However, the instruments are only part of the Yamaha story. Our many educational and cultural activities have received much support from Yamaha over a long period of time. This support includes piano technician training, support for our International Piano Competition and our famous Saxophonia festival. Yamaha has also helped with an innovative programme to support our student saxophonists in their own professional development through masterclasses with world-class practitioners and visiting artists.

Personally, as a saxophonist, I choose Yamaha instruments thanks to all these factors. I am very confident that our strong partnership with Yamaha will continue to prosper to the benefit of our musicians, institutions and our wider music loving audiences.”