Yamaha & Ina, France

Yamaha and the Institut national de l’audiovisuel partners in expertise and innovation

Yamaha instrumental quality and range combine with Berklee teaching excellence for innovative learning in Valencia

Founded in 1975, Paris-based Institut national de l’audiovisuel is responsible for the digitizing, conservation and archiving of all French radio and television audiovisual materials.

Ina EXPERT is the international center for media expertise, committed to vocational training, higher education and research activities.

Yamaha has provided in-depth technical support to Ina since 1990, and Ina EXPERT is now one of Europe’s leading training facilities, offering professional educational services for the audio and digital industries: uniting the best, building excellence.

Both organizations regularly work together to provide learning programs, which include live sound training with Yamaha’s market- leading digital console range and sound reinforcement audio networking. Ina Expert is also the educational partner of Yamaha for the new post-production platform Nuage in France.

Yamaha and Ina work very successfully together thanks to the shared aims and ambitions to spread expertise and innovation for the benefit of those people working in the music and audio sectors.