Junior Original Concert

Every year Yamaha organises the "Junior Original Concert". This concert is not a competition but an event at which young people from around the world are given the opportunity to present their own compositions in a professional setting.

Young Talents of Yamaha [Antonia and Myfanwy's Story]

The "Junior Original Concert" Worldwide

The "Junior Original Concert" was initiated in 1972. Since then a large number of concerts have been organised in many different countries, often in close co-operation with local music associations, municipalities and cities.

The special feature of the "Junior Original Concert" is that the participants must not be older than 16 years of age. To be selected the young musicians must submit and perform their own compositions in front of a public audience. It is part of the philosophy of Yamaha Music Schools to promote not only the reproductive capabilities of the children, but also their creativity, e.g. by encouraging them to compose their own music.

The Junior Original Concert is organised at both local and regional levels, as in the case of the "European Junior Original Concert" or the "Asian Pacific Junior Original Concert".

Once a year the most outstanding compositions and musicians are presented at the "International Junior Original Concert" in Japan.

The "European Junior Original Concert"

The first "European Junior Original Concert" was held in Milan in 2008 and subsequently has been organised once a year in a major European city. Children from many different European countries participate and for them it is a great experience where they can perform for the first time on a large international stage.

European Junior Original Concert 2016 Monaco

European Junior Original Concert 2015 Athens