Class Vocals

Never before has singing been so popular and exciting. In an entertainment and media-driven age where all ages are encouraged to sing, how can you make sure that YOUR voice is heard amongst the crowd?

Every Class Vocals lesson will see you learning how to warm up your voice, discovering many popular and modern music styles through Yamaha commissioned songs and building your confidence as you sing solo in front of your peers and learn to harmonise together.

Discover YOUR individual voice with the support of your Yamaha Class Vocals teacher!

The main focus of this program is:

  • Large repertoire of songs to perform for any occasion
  • Exercises for optimal warming up of the voice
  • Practice of the correct technique
  • Knowledge of basic keyboard skills
  • Learning how to read the music

Who can take part? Children from 9 years upward, teenagers and adults

Time of lessons: 60 minutes

Length of course: approx. 2 years

Size of group: max. 10 students