TransAcoustic™ Piano


The extraordinary TransAcoustic™ Piano allows you to mute the sound and even control the volume, while still enveloping you with the uniquely rich sound of an acoustic piano. At the heart of the piano, the soundboard amplifies and projects the natural timbres generated by the transducer, providing an entirely new way to enjoy an advanced digital piano. Now you can immerse yourself in the world of the piano whenever you feel inspired, without worrying about the time or your surroundings.

Inside an acoustic piano, hammers at the opposite side of the keys strike the strings, and the strings vibrate to produce sound. This initial sound is amplified by the soundboard that occupies much of the piano interior, and the entire body of the piano serves as a resonator, creating the rich and harmonically complex sound that is distinctively acoustic. Now, imagine an acoustic piano that allows you to control the volume, while still enjoying the original sound-projecting design of the piano based around the soundboard. That’s Yamaha's revolutionary TransAcoustic™ Piano.


When the keys are pressed on an acoustic piano, hammers strike the strings which, in turn, vibrate. But at this stage, the sound is very faint. So, the string vibration is amplified by the soundboard that sits at the heart of the instrument, and the entire body of the piano serves as a resonator, creating rich and sonorous sound. Yamaha's revolutionary TransAcoustic™ technology takes full advantage of the original design and construction of the piano based around the soundboard.

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TransAcoustic™ technology does not require any speakers to produce sound. It uses a transducer to convert the sound into vibrations which in turn vibrate the soundboard, which amplifies them and resonates the entire piano. Digital sound sources can be amplified and projected in this way, employing the same sound-generation and resonance mechanism of an acoustic piano, making it possible to reproduce the uniquely sonorous acoustic sound that can be felt by the player, not just heard. What’s more, the digital tone generator features the sounds of two world-renowned concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX, and the Bösendorfer Imperial, recorded with impeccable quality using Binaural Sampling techniques.

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Conventional transducers are too heavy to be installed on the soundboard and would compromise its essential functions. As a result, Yamaha has developed transducers specifically for acoustic pianos, with only a lightweight element affixed to the soundboard. The result is a faithful reproduction of the original acoustic piano sound, with the integrity of the soundboard fully maintained. In addition, the latest models employ a special Articulation Sensor capable of detecting the finest movements of the keys with exceptional precision, authentically reproducing all the delicate playing and expressive nuances of the sound.

Full acoustic piano sound with conveniently variable volume control.

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By switching to TransAcoustic™ mode, you can freely control the piano volume while still enjoying the richly resonant sound that can only be experienced with an acoustic piano. So, you can play whenever you want, without worrying about the time of day or what’s happening around you.

Wonderfully rich sound with headphones, with no sound outside.

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In Quiet mode, you can immerse yourself in the luxuriant, natural sound that comes with Binaural Sampling and Grand Expression Modeling, while completely forgetting that you’re wearing headphones.

Two world-renowned concert grand piano sounds.

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Featuring two iconic concert grand piano sounds – the world-renowned Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial, famed for its distinctively warm Viennese tone. Experience the joy of playing both, with their rich, resonant sounds and infinite variety of tonal changes.

Intuitive operation using the dedicated app.

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The Smart Pianist app connects you with an exciting new world of ways to enjoy piano playing. You can use it to analyse songs on your smart device and automatically generate piano scores (chord charts), or take advantage of the intuitive, at-a-glance functions to control the volume, instrument sound selection and other features.

Record and review your performances.

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Record your performance with a single button press and listen back right away. Or use the USB recording feature to store your performances in WAV format to USB flash memory, so you can keep them on your computer as a record of your progress.

Bluetooth® audio playback.

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Stream your favourite songs from your Bluetooth-enabled smart device and enjoy hearing them with the naturally rich sound of an acoustic piano soundboard. Play along with the audio tracks or simply listen to the music with the piano acting as the speaker.

Expand your horizons with new instrument sounds.

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More than just a piano, this remarkable instrument also has other instrument sounds, including electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, and choir. Select your favourite sound to match the style of music you want to play and prepare to be inspired.

Add rhythm for a dynamic performance.

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There are 20 different rhythms built into the SILENT Piano™ comprising drums and bass. Select the desired accompaniment pattern and enjoy playing with your own personal backing band.

Play with new digital instrument combinations.

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Call up the Trans Acoustic™ Layer mode and combine the acoustic piano sound with built-in digital instrument voices to create a luscious layer. And then marvel at the amazing new world of creative possibilities that open up for you, over a wide range of musical genres such as classical, jazz, and pop.

Yamaha TransAcoustic™ Piano TA3

TransAcoustic™ Piano TA3

Features convenient volume control, yet maintains gorgeous acoustic piano resonance. Recommended for those who want to enjoy advanced TransAcoustic™ technology on a higher quality piano. COMING SOON.

TransAcoustic™ TC3

Features convenient volume control, yet maintains gorgeous acoustic piano resonance. Recommended for those who want to enjoy advanced TransAcoustic™ technology on a standard Yamaha piano.