THR Head

Jeff Schroeder (The Smashing Pumpkins)

"The Yamaha THR head is an extremely straight forward amp that not only sounds great but also provides an endless array of tone shaping possibilities. From classic tones we all know and love to ones that only exist in your mind, the THR has them all."

Scotti Hil (Skid Row)

"The THR100 has quickly become my go-to amp. I'm impressed with its ability to dial in my favorite amp tones."

Lewis Allen

"Whether it be in the studio or live, I've never been left wanting more from my amp #THR"

Soren Anderson (Glenn Hughes)

"I've always loved my THR10,and now I'm able to use that same technology on stage with the THR100HD."

Preston Bryant & Sean Bonne (AJJ)

"The head and cabinet combination is an awesomely flexible touring rig. Dialing in good sounds on the head is quick and easy, it takes pedals well, it's loud, and it's light. In conjunction with the different speakers in the 212 cabinet, micing and splitting signals is a breeze. On one tour, when my keyboard amp broke, I used it as both the guitar and the keyboard amp and it performed perfectly. I am very impressed."

Rodney Branigan

"The THR head is light enough to carry on a flight as hand luggage with all of the tonal goodies for large festivals. A game changer for me. 5 out of 5 stars."

Warren Huart

"The Yamaha THR100HD is a game changer for me! An extremely affordable, easy to use and high quality sounding amp suitable for both live and in the studio! All of the classic sounds I require are there at my finger tips in one box! Great work Yamaha!"

Tome Lane

"Classic and Boutique amps at your fingertips in an extremely mobile and vibey package! This amp records and plays beautifully and not for one second did I feel like I was playing through a modeled amp. It sounds exactly the way you expect it to and you can’t argue with the great tone. The verb is top notch, foot switch eliminates at least 3 go to pedals (boost,verb, & A/B/Y box), it has an fx loop, and it sounds great with pedals. More than any other amp I’ve seen, it’s a perfect solution for guitar players in church situations that call for either very quiet stages or direct input - and you don’t need a rocket science degree to use it! Just turn knobs and flip switches and get your tone at any level with a cab or the speaker simulation output. The cab rocks too!."