Entertainer Expansion Pack with perfect Voices and Styles to play German Schlager and Party music!

The Entertainer Pack is the perfect solution for all entertainers, duos or bands, providing an array of sounds synonymous with the typical musical genres of Germany and neighboring Alpine nations. From the Jodeling vocals of the Alps to the party music of Carnival, Oktoberfest and Apri-Ski, the Entertainer Pack provides the perfect set of tools to increase the professionalism and authenticity of performances!

Voices including: Jodel JoDILo | Jodel LoLa | Jodel Legato | Jodelglueck | SY Wire | and more!

Styles including: AlpenParty | EntertainerBand | FisherFox | Oktoberfest | RoseWaltz | and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.

New Voices and Styles packs are being delivered as encrypted data. You must use Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) to create a pack install file to load this pack into your instrument.