Eastern Europe

A variety of Voices and Styles that are perfect for traditional and pop music in Eastern European countries!

The Eastern Europe Pack highlights the vivid and lively music styles from Poland, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary down to the Balkan countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegowina. Typical music images are Russian Balalaika music, Gypsy music, Balkan Brass Band, traditional music from Czech and Slovaky but also Disco Polo from Poland.

Voices including: Nu Trumpet | Bariton Tenuto |Balalaika Pluck | Cimbalom Damper | Gadulka | and more!

Styles including: FolkBand PL | MountainFlkPL | Dyskoteka PL | ModernStep PL | Old School PL | and more! *Style support by Camaro Art, Midispot and La Campanella.

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.

New Voices and Styles packs are being delivered as encrypted data. You must use Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) to create a pack install file to load this pack into your instrument.