Discover music with Yamaha.

Even your first musical steps are a smash-hit with a Yamaha keyboard!

Two people playing the keyboard at the same time? No problem with duo mode!

Yamaha keyboards offer endless possibilities in sound!

Music – the door to a new world

Parents know that playing an instrument enriches your life! Music is a form of communication which spans the globe, transcending borders and languages.

Music encourages children to discover the world. Learning to play an instrument is beneficial in so many ways: It helps with focus and memory skills as well as enhancing motor functions and general comprehensive skills.

Music strengthens camaraderie as well as a sense of belonging and lets children find their place in society.

Is there anything more beautiful than watching children rejoicing in their progress and success?

Yamaha instruments are like companions – dependable friends for children and adolescents alike; whether they are beginners or already have some musical experience.

The gift of music

“Real music, real fun”

Put the fun back in learning!

600,000 students of all ages, 20,000 teachers and 6,000 locations in over 40 countries worldwide: These impressive numbers show the success of the Yamaha Music Schools, which have been offering musical education for over 50 years.

Whether it’s learning to play an instrument, reading music or improvising – Yamaha Music Schools cover all aspects of music. Of particular importance to us is children’s musicality. We offer courses for children from the age of 4 months, specifically catering to their musical talents. Just click below to find a Yamaha Music School near you!

Start playing keyboards at once – with Flowkey!

With flowkey your children are able to perform their first song within minutes.

Flowkey is one of the world’s most popular apps for learning to play the piano and keyboard. It’s also perfectly tailored to the user’s skill level. With your Yamaha keyboard you will have access to a huge selection of song tutorials and lessons as well as hundreds of songs.

For a limited period of time every purchase of a qualified Yamaha keyboard or Yamaha digital piano will come with a three-month access to flowkey premium – absolutely free!

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