Yamaha & Opera I Filharmonia Podlaska, Poland

Opera I Filharmonia Podlaska In Harmony With Yamaha

Founded in 1954 and located in Białystok, one of Eastern Poland’s biggest cities, the prestigious and popular Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska is a highly respected and acclaimed music organisation.

In 2005 Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska reached a new milestone as they embarked on the creation of a hugely ambitious major new facility to allow the organisation to extend and expand their cultural activities and outreach. The new Culture Centre was to boast a combination of stunning modern design with highly specified performance, rehearsal and learning spaces, encompassing dedicated practice halls for choir and orchestra. The new facility was to become a central hub for artistic excellence and creativity in the region.

With such ambitious and far-reaching plans, the organisation needed access to the highest quality musical equipment, instruments and professional audio solutions. In 2011 they naturally turned to Yamaha for guidance and now have an extensive inventory of Yamaha equipment and instruments including the flagship CFX concert grand piano and a fleet of YUS3 handcrafted upright pianos.

Yamaha are delighted to find that the CFX is now the most requested piano for solo recitals. These outstanding hand-crafted pianos are complemented by a range of Yamaha concert percussion instruments and XENO trumpets which sit happily alongside cutting edge Yamaha technology including digital mixing consoles and the acclaimed N1 AvantGrand ‘hybrid’ pianos.

As with many other international centres of musical excellence, the relationship between Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska and Yamaha has prospered and developed into a wide range of creative activities that see the two organisations working together more and more.