Okan Ersan


Okan Ersan

Ersan was born in 1972 in Cyprus. Ersan, whose father was a musician, started to play the guitar and piano at a very young age.

Ersan started his musical journey in North Cyprus and carried his music to Turkey, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom and began working as a composer. He then released his first album, `To Whom It May Concern`...

Ersan achieved his degree in music in 1994 and specialized as a guitar player in Istanbul, The Marmara Music Academy. Throughout his academic education Ersan was very much influenced by Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Al Di Meola, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Ritchie Blackmore and many other Classic, Jazz, Classic Rock, Fusion, Blues musicians which provoked him to create his own style which is toady based on jazz fusion.

Ersan believes that music is the only genuine way to embrace his sorrows and pleasure in life therefore, has dedicated himself to his guitar, which encourages and enables him to get in touch with and express his intense emotions and conflicts.

‘To whom it may concern’ the song which titles his first album, led him to take his place among The best five guitarists of the year 2003 with the British magazine “Guitarist”.

In 2005, Ersan signed a contract with a Record Company and was invited to the USA for a promotion tour. On tour, was invited as a guest guitarist to the Kansas City Jazz Festival and performed with Billy Paul (Grammy Awarded).

In the same year Ersan traveled abroad for workshops along with performances and concentrated on his own concerts as well as the presentation of his album.

In 2006, Ersan was invited to play as Al di Meola’s Supporting Band at the Leversursener Jazztage Festival. This gave him the opportunity to share his own songs internationally once again.

In 2007 Ersan was asked to play two years in a row at the Leverkusener Jazztage Festival in the Guitar Masters category with Robben Ford.

In 2008 Ersan staged with Panzerballett fusion Band supporting Chick Corea and John Mc.Laughlin. In addition Okan played with Dave Weckl and Rex Richardson at the “Yamaha All Stars Volume 1 and 2” in 2008 November and December.

Ersan is currently working on his new fusion jazz album. Dave Weckl, Ernie Watts, Ola Onabule, Misirli Ahmet and Istanbul Superband will be taking part in this project.