Systems 1: Automatic mixing System (Meeting room, Convention center etc)

In a meeting room or a convention center where a number of microphones are used, MRX7-D Dugan Automatic mixing function can manage the level of each microphone, achieving better clarity in sound and suppressing unwanted feedback.At the same time, in combination with other functions, the MRX7-D can offer comfortable sound environment.

Systems 2: Remote Conference System (ex. Conference room)

Utilizing AEC function of MRX7-D, multiple participants in separate meeting rooms can join a remote teleconference. PA system in a meeting room can be operated via an iPad with ProVisionaire touch.

(In addition, Speech Privacy System in MRX7-D can be utilized if confidential subjects should be avoided from leaking outside of the room.)

Systems 3: Speech Privacy System (ex. Hospital)

MRX7-D Speech Privacy System is useful for the areas such as patient encounter rooms in a health center, pharmacy or bank windows where confidentiality is prefered. MRX7-D can also distribute the BGM in those areas.

With DCP series control panels, you can individually set and adjust the sound of each room.

Systems 4: Dante Audio Networking System (ex. House of worship, Theater)

MRX7-D can mediate rooms via Dante networking, allowing audio to be shared in a variety of ways.

An event taking place in room A can be auditioned in room B and C, and vice versa. For example, questions and answers can be passed back and forth between the rooms.