Born in Rochester, New York, Claire Huangci astonishes all who hear her perform. Legendary pianist Vladimir Krainev has dubbed her the pianist with “the fastest fingers in the world”. Coming from a family of scientists, Claire received a Grand Piano for her 6th year birthday present. After exploring the instrument herself in the first year, she was enrolled into Settlement Music School of Philadelphia when she was 7. And in the same year, she was featured on FOX news as a child prodigy with the skills of a professional pianist.

How would you normally create music and connect with your audience?

In an ideal world, we the artists are given a nice venue, beautiful instrument and an appreciative public. With such conditions, there‘s nothing better than to present our interpretations of timeless compositions.

Technology and social networks allow a wide audience to be reached with whom the artist can interact. How has your experience been collaborating with the #YamahaLiveFromHome initiative?

Streaming has always been present in the music world, radio broadcasts, albums, dvds are all ways of reaching a wider public than in a live concert. This was my first time live streaming a concert from my own home. It was certainly a very different experience but I was delighted to experience the same energy and electricity as a live public event, as if I could feel all the people watching through my ipad.

What's the role of music in your life?

It‘s my complete life, a day doesn‘t go by without music of some form. The piano has been my companion since I was 6, and whether or not i play on it daily, it makes up the biggest part of my life.

Thanks to the Internet, today we have an unlimited choice of videos, music and educational material. Sometimes we face the so called 'paradox of choice', making it difficult to focus and select want we want to study, listen to and play. What would you recommend to music lovers to improve their knowledge?

Qual der Wahl.. music is so subjective and this is what makes it unique. Finding ones own niche is tricky, but I would recommending reading about the fascinating lives of some composers as it brings such new perspectives.

If you have any future projects or record releases you want to share with us, please add the links below. "Spotify link"; "Other link"

I am recording my next major solo album this August in cooperation with Yamaha. After wonderful collaborations of Scarlatti sonatas and Chopin nocturnes, I absolutely cannot wait for the next! Stay tuned!

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#YamahaLiveFromHome .. music is so subjective and this is what makes it unique.