NX-B150 Discontinued

The sound lighten up the days

NX-B150 Discontinued

Yamaha’s NX-B150 is an interior-oriented Bluetooth®-enabled wireless sound system that not only adds style to the room, it sounds great. The unique design of the speakers will bring new depth to your everyday listening experience, taking you to the next level of sound quality. Make your days even brighter with the NX-B150.

A refined design that fits seamlessly into any interior

The design motif of the NX-B150 is an interior spotlight. The satellite speaker bodies are made of a single pressed metal sheet for a completely smooth and seamless finish, and their angle can be adjusted according to the position of the listener to maximize the audio experience. Fully adjustable and wall mountable, these speakers can be positioned anywhere in the room to suit your preferences.

Experience the power and depth of 2.1 channel audio

The bass unit is equipped with a 13 cm woofer. Its fixed-angle design minimizes reverberations from the floor or shelf to reproduce bass frequencies with clarity and power. From bass to treble, the NX-B150 maintains an optimal balance across the frequency range at whatever volume level you set, even at low volume when watching television in the evening.

Wired or wireless—set up is a breeze

The NX-B150 makes it easy to listen to music wirelessly from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets. The system is also equipped with an Auto-standby function that eliminates the need to turn the power on and off—it automatically switches on and back to standby mode by detecting incoming audio.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.