Take your first musical breath


Take your first musical breath

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a life-changing experience. It can open a world of opportunity which like no other activity rewards effort with an incomparable sense of achievement.

The relationship between musician and instrument is both tactile and personal. It fulfils the need to communicate and the desire to express your innermost emotions. It is a relationship which can last a lifetime.

The first step is choosing an instrument. Not just any instrument, but the right one. It must perform as you demand. It must translate your touch into beautiful music. Yamaha has created a new range of instruments designed specifically for the beginner. They are easy to play, reliable and offer exceptional value. When you take your first musical breath with Yamaha, you'll know you have made the right choice.

Three easy steps to choosing the right student instrument

  • Real Value Comes From Quality

    Don't confuse low price with good value. Real value comes from quality. A high grade starter instrument might cost more initially but will repay your investment by encouraging and rewarding the learning process.
  • Ask a Music Teacher

    Having witnessed some of their students struggling with inferior instruments, music teachers usually know best. They also prefer instruments that play in tune - instruments like Yamaha.
  • Consider the environment

    Yamaha brass and woodwind instruments produce a small carbon footprint and use lead-free solder. That's great for our kids today and even better for their futures.

News & Events


30/5/2014 [Musical Instruments]
Vintage look. Legendary Sound. The New Limited Edition 62 Saxophone.

Yamaha’s Legendary YAS-62 Saxophone in Limited Edition Vintage Umber Finish

5/4/2014 [Artists]
Yamaha Artists at 20th Hamamatsu International Wind Instruments Academy and Festival

Yamaha Artists from across Europe to perform and present masterclasses.

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