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10 inch cymbal pad with attachment to rack system.



A 3-Zone (Edge, Bow and Cup capable) 10-inch cymbal pad with “Choke” ability.



13 inch hi-hat pad. 2 zone.



Compact cymbal pad.



15 inch cymbal pad. 3 zone.



13 inch cymbal pad. 3 zone.

News & Events


7/1/2014 [Artists]
Dave Weckl: I Play Yamaha.

For the last 20 years, Dave Weckl has maintained a reputation amongst his fans and peers as one of the very finest musicians on the contemporary music scene today. The following video gives a short taste why...

3/1/2014 [Artists]
Drum Legend Steve Gadd: "I Play Yamaha"

In the following video, drum legend Steve Gadd gives a short taste of his unique style, that has made him the most acclaimed drummer of the past quarter century.
From the early 1970s he forged a new era in studio craft with his phenomenal technique and emotionally intense playing.
Whatever the music, be it jazz, pop, RnB or fusion, Gadd is simply the best, bringing his unique style into any music....

7/10/2013 [Artists]
Dave Weckl plays Europe! 30 Years with Yamaha Drums Anniversary tour

Celebrating the extraordinary “30 Year Anniversary” with Yamaha Drums we are proud to present drumming legend Dave Weckl for exclusive Clinics & Drum Intensives in Europe. Check here for dates and infos...

24/9/2013 [Artists]
Exceptional Yamaha Drum Artist Dafnis Prieto and his Proverb Trio about to hit Europe

It has long been said that "there's nothing new under the sun"; but Yamaha Drum Artist Dafnis Prieto has birthed an album unlike anything else in his own discography—or anywhere else, for that matter. We are happy to see him bring his music to european stages on the following dates...

6/9/2013 [Artists]
Master of Many Styles – Yamaha Drum Artist Mark Colenburg

Yamaha Drum Artist Mark Colenburg is on a mission with the “Robert Glapser Experiment” to reconcile modern jazz with hip hop & R&B. Their last Blue Note recording, Black Radio, was a wildly successful step in that direction, winning Glasper and his Experiment band a Grammy for “Best R&B” Album. In the following video he speaks about his development to becoming a jazz drummer with hip hop influences...

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