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Stage Custom

Stage CustomStage Custom

As with the introduction of Stage custom in 1995 YAMAHA once again sets the standards of value and sound. By borrowing from our legendary recording Custom drums, we are proud to introduce new 100% Birch Shell stage Custom.

Stage CustomOther colours available

Recording Custom 2011 Limited

Recording Custom 2011 LimitedRecording Custom 2011 Limited

BD 22" x 16" FT 16" x 16" FT 14" x 14" TT 12" x 8" TT 10" x 7.5"

Recording Custom 2011 LimitedOther colours available



With YAMAHA's Absolute Series you can create the ideal drum kit by choosing your favorite elements from our highest-quality materials and components.

AbsoluteOther colours available

Recording Custom

Recording CustomRecording Custom

For over 30 years, the Recording Custom has set a benchmark for excellence. Possibly the most recorded drum in history, it has enjoyed an unparalleled history of success and innovation. Although trends come and go, the Recording Custom, with its birch sh...

Recording CustomOther colours available

Recording Custom Vintage Ltd.

Recording Custom Vintage Ltd.Recording Custom Vintage Ltd.

Attention Vintage Fans: The new Recording Custom Vintage Ltd. We will offer, for a short time only, a re-issue of the classic RC that has left the hearts of Vintage fans beating harder.



Our flagship PHX series drums radically changed drum design using a special blend of newfound Asian woods to deliver an amazing tone that has gained great acclaim from drummers around the globe. The major component in the mix and the wood that gives thes...

CLUB CUSTOMOther colours available

OAK Custom
Red Sparkle

OAK CustomOAK Custom

The recent introduction of the Oak Custom by Yamaha sent a shudder through the drum industry. For low end that shakes the floors, crisp highs that penetrate, and mids that ring through the mix, insist on the power of oak.

OAK CustomOther colours available

OAK Custom X

OAK Custom XOAK Custom X

Designed to meet the demands of leading edge drummers, everything about the Limited Edition Oak Custom X has been tailored with contemporary rock and urban music styles in mind.

OAK Custom XOther colours available

Tour Custom

Tour CustomTour Custom

Maple shell and rounder bearing edge deliver rich tone with just the right amount of sustain.

Tour CustomOther colours available

Rock Tour

Rock TourRock Tour

The perfect choice for rock drummers looking for a solid, powerful sound with sharp attack. [The series is discontinued and we may not have all sizes in all colors available.]

Rock TourOther colours available

News & Events


8/10/2015 [Artists]
Message from Dave Weckl

We caught up with Dave Weckl on his current tour in Japan with the Dave Weckl Acoustic Band to get a little update on his gear and caught exciting news on upcoming projects...

29/6/2015 [Artists]
Performance Video with Tom Hunting & Jack Gibson of EXODUS live

Legendary Thrash Metal Drummer Tom Hunting and bassist Jack Gibson of EXODUS stopped by for a spontaneous jam & interview in our studio. Tom performs on Yamaha Live Custom Oak Drums and Jack with his Custom Yamaha BB Bass. Click here to watch the full performance video..

4/8/2014 [Artists]
“Durable & Strong” - Gary Powell of “The Libertines” talks Drums, Career & Yamaha Live Custom

2014 marks the highly anticipated reunion of “The Libertines”- one of UK´s most influential rock bands. Before heading back on stage to perform the band´s biggest shows to date, headlining Hyde Park in front of 60.000 fans, Libertines drummer Gary Powell came out to check the new Yamaha "LIVE CUSTOM" Oak Drums, which he later took out to the band´s comeback shows in replacement of his previous Oak Custom kit.

7/7/2014 [Musical Instruments]
Slayer, Paul Bostaph and the Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum Kit.

„It feels like coming home for me “ Paul Bostaph said last year, when his return to Slayer as an official member had been announced. In the years 1992 to 2001 Paul already was drummer of the Thrash Metal Goddess. Besides Slyer Bostaph played drums for Forbidden, Exodus and Testament.

4/7/2014 [Artists]
Dave Weckl plays Europe.

Summer 2014 promises to get hot! Yamaha Drums Europe are honored to announce exclusive Performances with Drum Legend Dave Weckl this July in selected cities across Europe.

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