MOTIF XS VST3 Editor Now Online!

17/2/2009 [Music Production]

Motif XS VST3 Editor

You now can download the new VST3 Editor on Now it is for all MOTIF XS and MOTIF RACK XS users not only possible to control the settings of the MOTIF XS directly in Cubase or Nuendo, but also the audio outputs can be routed directly into the DAW.

The new VST3 PlugIn offers several new features. The two most important are:

  1. You now can edit and select the presets of the MOTIF XS directly in a VST3 compatible DAW like Cubase. This works via MIDI which is send via USB or FireWire.
  2. It is now possible to integrate the audio outputs of the MOTIF XS into your DAW. You can use the analog outputs and connect them to your interface. But it is more effective to use FireWire for this: the audio output does not need to be converted anymore and even better are the 8 stereo outputs. The MOTIF XS 8 comes with a FireWire connection built inside, for the other MOTIF XS including the XS Rack Yamaha offers the optional mLAN16EII card.

Motif XS VST3 Editor

The PlugIn supports the following operating systems: Mac OS X®, Windows XP ® (32 Bit), Windows Vista ® (32 & 64 Bit).

The new PlugIn can be immediately downloaded on

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