[Video] Yamaha Drums presents: Tom Hunting of “Exodus”

13/1/2012 [Artists]

Tom Hunting is considered among heavy metals most influential drummers and a pioneer in Thrash Metal. As founding member of “Exodus” Tom has played an essential part in the bands musical development.

In the following video, Tom explains the creative process of writing new Exodus songs, his approach as a drummer and his Yamaha Drums.

Tom has been playing a Yamaha Recording Custom kit in Solid Black finish for over 25 years, before changing to the Oak Custom shells in 2009.

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Recording Custom

Recording Custom

For over 30 years, the Recording Custom has set a benchmark for excellence. Possibly the most recorded drum in history, it has enjoyed an unparalleled history of success and innovation. Although trends come and go, the Recording Custom, with its birch shells and pristine interior and exterior finish, delivers a sound the seems "pre-EQ-ed", perfect for studio or multi-miking in any situation. Unmiked, it will hold its own-with power and tone to spare.

OAK Custom
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OAK Custom

The recent introduction of the Oak Custom by Yamaha sent a shudder through the drum industry. For low end that shakes the floors, crisp highs that penetrate, and mids that ring through the mix, insist on the power of oak.

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