Chopin TV Visits Yamaha

9/10/2009 [About Yamaha]

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Frédéric Chopin’s (Feb. 22nd, 1810), the Chopin Institute are working with a film crew to produce a two hour long TV program examining many different topics relating to this great composer and pianist.

A Chopin expert who is also a jazz singer, Marita Albán Juárez, will explore the composers' legacy in his native Poland and abroad. In her pursuit of discovery as to why Chopin remains such an inspiration to so many around the world, she takes lessons with Chopin Competition winner Kevin Kenner, and travels to Japan, where she visits Yamaha’s piano factory and interviews some of the staff.A seven person film team arrived at Kakegawa on October 5th to film Marita’s visit and her discussions about Chopin and his music with each of the people she met. She had a long discussion with Takas hi Onoda, director of Yamaha’s Piano Division, and spent most of the day learning about Yamaha production from Yurina Kamiya. She ended her day with a lesson on how to tune a piano from Kyota Ise of Yamaha’s Piano Technical Academy. The show will air in early 2010 and should be an entertaining start to the “Chopin Year”.

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